Nissan X-Trail Rental

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Nissan X-Trail

This car is among the more fuel-efficient 4×4 SUV’s available and it also seats 5 adults with plenty of room left for luggage. Ideal choice for travelers driving around Iceland and is suitable for highlands F-roads. It has 7 seats but keep in mind that when you have all 7 seats in use the luggage space is minimal. Note that the 2 extra seats are more suitable for children than they are for adults.


The 5 to 7 seater designed for family adventure with powerful new styling and next level technologies, it’s everything you need for a comfortable, action-packed Icelandic adventure. And with a choice of 5 or 7 seats, you get all the space, comfort and flexibility you need for even the most action packed family trips. Dynamic driving technologies and intuitive 4×4 capabilities make the X-Trail responsive and adaptable to any conditions. The boot capacity with 5 seats in use is 550 litres and with seats-down it’s 1,900 litres.