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We offer quality cars, great prices and want you to have the best experience when visiting Iceland.

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Great selection of new modern rental vehicles suited for Icelandic conditions and safety. Book your 4×4 rental car in Iceland today.

Free Cancellation

Book without worries and manage, change or cancel your booking online up to 48 hours before the scheduled car pickup.

Insurances Included

Third-party, CDW and TP insurances are included in all rental prices for a worry free travel around Iceland.

Free Airport Shuttle

We offer free transport between Keflavik International airport and our car rental office. Only 3 minutes’ driving time.

Cleaning Standards

Before we rent out any vehicle, they are washed, cleaned and disinfected following our specific standards.

Iceland F-Roads

All our 4×4 cars are suitable for Iceland F-roads, but it’s important to know what to expect if you are driving in the highlands.
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Great Selection

Visiting the countryside to take in some of Iceland’s beautiful scenery? Or Traveling to Iceland for a business trip?

Our large selection of modern and dependable 4×4 cars will ensure your trip to Iceland will be without incident.

If you are looking for a method of transportation that won’t break the bank but also gives you the independence to travel as you please, try Circle Car Rental Iceland.

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Simplify your travels and explore the country with the best car rental agency in Iceland, Circle Car Rental.

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Best rental cars in iceland

New and reliable rental cars for Icelandic conditions. We only offer what we our selfs would like to drive on Icelandic roads, that is 4×4 SUV’s and automatic transmission.

Questions about Car rental in Iceland

Because our customers’ safety is very important and we want you to have a wonderful experience when driving in Iceland, we have put together some useful information and tips when renting a car in Iceland.

When renting a car from Circle Car Rental, drivers must be at least 20 years old and must have held a drivers licence for 12 months.

Our shuttle bus driver will pick you up at P1 parking lot, next to the departure hall. He will then transport you to our office which is located only 3 minutes’ driving time from the airport.

Yes, we do offer the Platinum Insurance Package with zero self risk for a worry free car rental experience. Please feel free to get familiar with our simple and transparent insurance options.

Studded winter tires are important if you plan on driving in the country side and if you plan on exploring more than just the city. Yes, all of our rental cars have studded tires during the winter season. Usually starting from 1st of November and until 15th of April.

You can change or modify your reservation at any time before vehicle pickup. If you would like to cancel the reservation, that has to be done 48 hours before vehicle pickup to be eligible for free cancelation. All this can be done by yourself online on our website. If you would like us to do it for you, please send us an email at or fill out the form here and we will cancel, change or modify your reservation to your request depending on availability.

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Useful information and facts about Iceland. What to do, where to go and what to see.

Questions about Driving in Iceland

Throughout Iceland, the scenery is beautiful and we have very unique roads and pathways. We highly recommend that you become familiar with the Icelandic Road System to ensure the safety of you, your family, and our rental cars.

Check out our top tips on how to drive in Iceland so that your car rental in Iceland will be memorable only due to the wonderful things you experienced and not due to unpleasant incidents or unnecessary costs.

We feel it is important that our customers have a reliable car that suits their needs and gets them where they want to go while exploring our unique island. That is why we only offer new, safe and modern vehicles when renting a car in Iceland.

Many rural roads in Iceland are gravel roads, not suited for fast speed and it is imperative to reduce speed accordingly. Be careful as gravel or rocks can get thrown onto the vehicle by another car and cause damage to the body of the car (ie. headlights, windscreen etc.). The speed limit is lower on gravel roads for a good reason. 

Please drive carefully and always show other drivers’ consideration.

Iceland F-roads are special highland roads that are only passable in 4×4 cars. All 2wd vehicles are not allowed to drive these roads and are not insured on roads marked with “F” (The same applies to Kjalvegur (Road No. 35) through Kaldidalur (Road No. 550) and Jökulhálsleið (Road No. 570).

There are two types of fuel in Iceland, diesel and petrol. Make sure to use the correct fuel type. Gasoline nozzle is usually green coloured and named Bensín. The Diesel nozzle often black coloured and named Dísil. Filling up with the wrong kind of fuel is costly to correct and could damage the engine.

Because sometimes (often) it is windy in Iceland and they can easily over extend by strong gusts of wind and might get damaged. Keep in mind that damages caused by wind blowing up the door are not covered by insurances.

Drivers need to pay a road toll when they drive through the Vadlaheidi Tunnel and it is very important to note the fact that there are no toll booths or pay machines around. Instead, travellers must visit and pay for each single trip

Þingvellir National Park and Skaftafell National Park, a part of Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður National Park, are two National Parks in Iceland where drivers need to pay Entrance Fee / Parking Fee if entering. Drivers are able to pay on the spot through parking booths or pay machines or via these websites: Thingvellir National Park – Vatnajokull National Park.

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Who are we?

Best car rental in Iceland

Circle is a new locally owned car rental in Iceland. Our main goal is to provide travellers with the best service possible and to make sure their vacation will be as memorable and convenient as possible.

On top of that we want to make sure they have a new, safe and reliable car while staying in Iceland. We want our customers to have an enjoyable experience while exploring our island and treat them in the same way as we ourselves would like to be treated. Visit Iceland’s cities, countrysides or highlands safely and comfortably.

If you have any questions or need more information about car rental in Iceland, please check out our FAQ on how to rent a car in Iceland.

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