How to Find the Best Car Rental Company in Iceland

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Around 2 million tourists visit Iceland every year. While there are different ways to explore Iceland, a large percentage of visitors rent a car to explore Iceland. But how do you go about choosing a car rental company?

Exploring Iceland by rental car is a great idea. Iceland is full of magical sites to discover that are reachable by car. You can explore at your leisure and go off the beaten path to find magical hidden gems. 

However, your trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not pick the right car rental company. So, how can you find the best car rental company in Iceland? Read on to learn how you can find the best car rental for your needs. 

Research Car Companies 

Take your time to research the different car rental companies that are based in Iceland. It is natural to pick the first one on search results or an international name you are familiar with, but it is not always the best car rental option.

The best car rental company will have a base in Iceland. It is essential to have a car rental company that can help you if something does go wrong, which is easier if they are based in the country. It also helps to support the local economy if you find a local car rental company in Iceland.

An Iceland Location

The best car rental company in Iceland will also have a base near the airport. You do not want to have to worry about finding a car rental company once you arrive. 

Look for a car rental company that offers transport to their offices and is transparent about their location address. Avoid the risk of scams or a company that does not have a base if something goes wrong.

Positive Customer Reviews

A car rental company may look great on paper, but the best car rental company has reviews to match. Be sure to check customer reviews when searching for a car rental company in Iceland. It is best to look for independent reviews, but you can also enquire about customer testimonials if you cannot find any. 

Iceland Knowledge 

The best car rental will be able to provide suggested itineraries and show knowledge about Iceland. You want them to be familiar with Iceland’s unique road system, such as the F-roads. Then you can guarantee they know the best car rental for your trip needs.

For example, there are F-roads in Iceland, which are usually extremely steep, rocky, and muddy. The F is for ‘fjalla,’ which is ‘mountain’ in Icelandic. The best car rental will be transparent about this and recommend a suitable car for your trip if you need to take these types of roads, a 4×4 vehicle.

If you are sticking to the main paved roads, such as the Ring Road, it is okay if the company suggests another option. However, in winter, a 4×4 is still recommended.

The Best Rental Process 

The car rental company should also have a straightforward rental process to know what documents and payment options you need in advance. This reduces the chance of any rental issues once you arrive in Iceland.

For example, some car companies may hold a substantial deposit or only accept credit cards. Look for a reputable company that only imprints the card and accepts debit cards for more flexibility. Usually, you require a valid driver’s license and a credit or debit card. 

Also, check they are flexible when it comes to pick up and drop off. For example, some companies such as Circle Car Rental offer 24/7 drop-off at their office.  

Car Rental Company Safety Measures

In any country, the priority of the car rental company should be to keep customers safe. Although they cannot control what happens on the roads, they should ensure their cars are inspected and well-maintained between uses. 

The best car company in Iceland will also have measures in place to keep you safe, such as sanitizing the rental car between owners. The last thing you want is a dirty car. 

Some car rental companies offer breakdown assistance support, but even if they do not, they should provide the information you need to seek support in an emergency. 

Choices of Car

When choosing a car rental company, check they have the type of car you need, such as a 4×4. They should be honest about their availability, what cars are available, and what they will do if your specific car choice is unavailable. 

While it is vital that a car rental company has a variety of cars on offer, the company with the most or least cars is not always the best. The best car rental will be knowledgeable about their vehicles, provide photos, and take care of them. 

Offers Rental Extras

Check the car rental company that offers the features you need for your car. Additional features may include GPS navigation, car seats, and studded tires. You can also find extras such as 4G Wifi Routers, which can be extremely useful in Iceland. 

No Hidden Costs

It is not about finding the cheapest car rental company or the most expensive. It is about finding one that is transparent about what is included in the rental price and does not have any hidden fees.

There should be simple pricing and information about your car insurance options, changes to a booking, early drop-off, minimum rental periods, and extension pricing. Look for pricing that includes the VAT, unlimited mileage, and basic insurance. 

The Best Car Rental Company in Iceland

Now you know how to find the best car rental in Iceland and beyond. Are you looking for the best car rental company in Iceland? Look no further than Circle Car Rental. 

Circle Car Rental in Iceland fits all of the boxes. We have a well-maintained fleet of cars, provide transparent pricing and excellent customer service. Plus, we offer a flexible service and transport to our office from the airport. 

Are you ready to start your Iceland adventure? Contact us to get started. 

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